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Put the data in a reactive value so that the table refreshes upon data changes. Then use the hot selectCallback option to retrieve selected cell location inside of the button observer. Finally, use the selected cell coordinates to change the value in the reactive data set. Below is a minimal example:

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Nov 25, 2017 · add a parameter to the rhandsontable constructor to indicate if searching should be allowed; add a textfield where a user can enter text; add an event handler that reads the data and updates the table; Please see my pull request for the code changes. The animated gif below shows a simple example of the search functionality. Confirm or CHANGE STATE {DB9657AE-8662-4CE8-BEF6-67362F9E785F} Welcome to Duke Energy. Please select your state.

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Here is an even shorter example: Without invoking renderer NA values are displayed as blank cells:. DF_na = data.frame(integer = c(NA, 2:4), character = c(NA, LETTERS[2:4]), stringsAsFactors = FALSE) rhandsontable(DF_na)