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Buying Used: 2011-15 Chevrolet Cruze January 6, 2017 The Cruze utilized GM’s new Delta II front-drive compact car platform developed by Opel – the German subsidiary GM had almost sold off to ... Bearings typically make noises at certain speeds and at speeds half or twice that same speed. I noticed in the past week that underneath the hood of my car seems to make a whistling/ ticking noise whenever I push down on the gas. I do not hear the sound when coasting, decelerating, or at idle.

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Chevy cruze ticking noise at idle

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Click to get the latest Buzzing content. Take A Sneak Peak At The Movies Coming Out This Week (8/12) Liam Payne defends Harry Styles against fashion critics Knocking or pinging noises. Ticking or clicking noise. Popping sound. Noises while accelerating. Loud roaring noises when idling. Sturtevant Auto carries a huge selection of parts from popular Chevy, Honda, and Ford models. You can find the correct replacement part and solve your knocking engine...

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This particular Cruze is a 2012 1.4 Turbo but this procedure is very similar to allot of Chevy ans other years Cruze's. Recently I had been felling the car running Little rough after the Check Engine Light came on I saw the code P0171 and I started doing some testing and noticed that my PCV was leaking VALVE COVER PART# 25198874 IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS JUST ASK! Idle Air Control Valve (Iacv) Hissing Noise (Replace The Iacv) Chevrolet: 00-06-04-054: Check Engine Indicator Illuminated, DTC Po446 (Diagnose And Repair/Replace PCM) Chevrolet: 00-06-05-001: Boom Type Noise During Engine Warm-Up: Chevrolet: 00-06-05-001A: Boom Type Noise During Engine Warm-Up: Chevrolet: 00-06-05-001B: Boom Type Noise During ... MasterTechMark | Master auto Mechanic fixing cars Monday through Friday but loving car stuff 7 days a week. Spare time spent on self improvement and automotive enlightenment!

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Oct 13, 2018 · Discussion Starter•#15•Oct 15, 2018. Yes, the big plastic cover is solid and tight. Dealer listened to it and said it was the small high pressure fuel pump (sits on top of engine under the large plastic cover) kicking on which was making the noise at low idle. Engine rpms increase a little and pump smooths out. When I turn the key to on, I can hear humming under the car and a fast quiet clicking behind the dash/under the hood by the carborator.(I hope its called the carborator)both the humming and the ticking only last for about 5 seconds or so. About as long as the long beep that every car makes when the key is in first put in the ignition.